No one can predict the future, but anyone can shape it.
Today that is even more important, since our common future is at stake.
So let’s inspire and work with each other to rethink the way we live and discover how the power of community can help solve some of our biggest challenges.

We provide the platform and support where cities, neighbourhoods and businesses design their challenges to accelerate the sustainable development of the community we live in. The solvers are facilitated to increase outreach and build sustainable local engagement and action to transform streets and neighbourhoods into the liveable communities of tomorrow and the years to come.

How much time will it take to see tangible results?

On average, the community incubation programme runs 10-12 months. The programme is designed though, to deliver concrete outputs along the way. This can be a Tiny Forest that is developed, plated and maintained with help of local schools, the set-up of a local tool sharing shop, the implementation of a smart air quality censoring network and much more. What binds these initiatives is that they fit in an integral holistic framework that helps to determine the local priorities and provide a measuring of progress as well as comparability with other communities.

With all that creativity that exists within every neighbourhood, imagine what the results can be in 12 months from now…

Social Innovation is complex. How do you turn this into sustainable impact?

Social Innovation is complex since it touches on all the things we take for granted. We will agree that it is without doubt the only way if we want to leave a flourishing Earth to our children and future generations. The good news is that we did this before, and we have become really good at it! Remember the time that cars entered the street instead of horse carriages? In the beginning (e.g. in the UK) it was obliged to have somebody walk in front of the car with a flag as a safety precaution. We changed (mostly) from coal stoves to gas stoves and heaters through international pipe-works. We have potable water in our homes and electricity. Fixed phone networks to mobile data exchange. Although tech-driven it required social adoption and innovation changing our behaviours.

We at Community Unlimited believe that people are willing to change their behaviours, when there is role modelling from local leaders, clear explanation of the why and how, building of capacity and skills and actual implementation of structures supporting the sustainable community development. That’s what we have built in the Community Incubation programme.

How am I supported in setting-up & executing my challenge?

Yes! Community Unlimited has designed a platform to support you to the greatest extend in building your sustainable community. On top we have plenty of experts who are willing to help, ranging from social innovation, home renovations, funding, project management and much more. Use their expertise in every aspect of your challenge in combination with our Community Incubation Training Package. Contact us now to get your challenge started today!

What should I expect?

Process Platform

A ready to use platform, which gives you everything you need to run a Community Incubation programme.

Process Platform

Training, guidance and support from community activation experts at Community Unlimited.

Group to Community

Transforming your own groups of people into engaged and committed community, using their energy and expertise for the future.


Help in institutionalising structures to sustain and grow concrete community impact

Network access

Acces to a fast growing network of communities sharing their energy, learnings, incredible solutions and approaches.


Access to a full knowledge base with best practices, templates and tools.