Let’s unlock the 

power of community

to build a liveable 

sustainable tomorrow

for everyone

We help you build, equitable and prosperous communities to improve people’s lives today and ensure a sustainable tomorrow

Our approach is simple. We empower and enable local leaders—from community- and city-officials to citizen advocates, enthusiasts and business leaders—with tools, information, and support to create more liveable places. Through our Training & Assistance programs, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with community partners to craft practical solutions that fit their specific challenges and opportunities. Along the way, we work to build their civic capacity to better tackle new challenges down the road. Because we can’t be everywhere, we further provide Tools & Insights to give local leaders and those that want to be part, the resources and support they need to drive positive change in their communities.


We work hand-in-handwith local partners wanting to shape thriving and prosperous liveable communities. We provide information, tools, resources and support to all change-makers working to build better communities.

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Climate change is affecting us all. Through helping communities finding their lasting pathway to mitigation and adaptation strategies from building economic prosperity, public health to housing affordability, we create an accelerating impact.  More >

Our Priorities

Liveability for All

We help surfacing the priorities in your neighbourhood that are needed to sustain liveability for all. not only now, but tomorrow as well.

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Housing & Energy

Strong communities are built with healthy neighbourhoods that have housing choices people can afford.

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We help design economic development o create local economies that build lasting value and improve the lives of the people that live there. 

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Mobility systems we build today will shape the communities we live in tomorrow. 

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Funding is an important means to create sustainable impact on the lives of people, where profit is a symptom of success. 

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